Are you Future Ready with the power of AI?


Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics is an emerging industry that harnesses the power of large amounts of data from multiple disparate sources and detects patterns to make real-time predictions for future trends. Artificial Intelligence has revamped the way a business works and is impacting all sorts of industries ranging from Healthcare, Insurance, Finance, management, and marketing to the IT sector from the ground up.

Artificial Intelligence is blazing fast in the Data Analytics sector and is considered to be the future of Data Analytics.

Facts and Statistics surrounding AI and Data Analytics for the Future

The annual growth rate of Artificial Intelligence is pegged at 33.2% for the period between 2020 and 2027. On average, 7% of businesses are spending big time on AI and big data technologies. The number of companies adopting AI will significantly increase by about 240% over four years

Let’s see one by one how AI is impacting different sectors of industries and is thereby considered the future of Data Analytics:


Undoubtedly, AI is enabling different industries to achieve breakthrough results by automating their manual processes. It helps in making pre-emptive decisions about managing risk in several industries. Hence, the time is ripe for adopting AI in unexplored areas of businesses. A plethora of job opportunities are created based on AI and it is in rage these days. By all means, knowledge of AI, ML, and Data Science will help you to advance with a bang in your career. To boot, AI is here to stay and it is the bedrock of our future.

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